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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Manage costs, bolster productivity, and support employee health with industry-leading HR technology 

Data-driven methods to get more out of your employee programs 

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Step one: embed intelligent HR assistant
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Ava™ is an AI-driven chatbot that frees HR teams to focus on strategic activities while driving high levels of employee engagement.  

Ava™ delivers: 

  • “Sentiment analysis” to understand a user’s emotions and adapt accordingly 

  • Deeper “intent understanding” on what issues need to be solved 

  • Integrated conversation data with other HR analytics 

Step two: harness full scope of AI

When Ava™ meets the big data capabilities within TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks), it powers our VedaWorkTM model. Change the way you do business by uncovering new opportunities to align investments in HR programs to promote better employee and organizational outcomes.  

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  • Save costs and focus on high-value strategic activities  

  • Deliver personalized support to employees when they need it 

  • Issue surveys to gain real-time engagement intel 

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  • Collect unique data to deliver robust insights and predictive capabilities  

  • Determine where and why resources may be lost   

  • Pinpoint areas of high health and wellness-related costs 

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  • Solve issues related to high people costs and overall employee health  

  • Address specific turnover and benefits drivers identified in the predict stage 

Improving lives. Improving business.

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