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By investing in your employees’ health, you reduce costs related to absenteeism and presenteeism, improve the workplace environment and create a happy, productive and motivated workforce.

What is Biometric Screening?

Biometric screening clinic allows employees to meet one-on-one with a nurse to identify their risk factors for cardiovascular disease through a series of screening tests including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, waist circumference and more. Employees can register online to book their appointment. The appointment is generally between 15 and 20 minutes long.

What is Flu vaccination?

This is a short (2 to 5 minutes) appointment where a trained health professional vaccinates employees against the flu.

Doctor in discussion with mature female patient

Advantages of offering a biometric screening:

Get anonymized statistics on your staff’s risk factors
Raise awareness of healthy lifestyle habits
Identify cardiovascular risk factors among your staff

Be a wellbeing leader for your people with screenings

Reduce costs

Early detection and positive interventions can help your people focus on work instead of worrying about their health

Recognize health and wellbeing

You are highlighting the importance of physical health and establishing your organization as a wellbeing leader

Identify risk factors

Your organization receives anonymized reports to identify and respond to health risks in your population

Benefit for the employee

Once employees have screening results, they can use other services, like their EAP, for proactive health management

Planning for flu season? We offer onsite flu vaccination that can be run alongside a biometric screening or offered on its own. Allow your employees to save time and get their flu vaccine onsite.

 Improving lives. Improving business.