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Business Continuity Plan (BCP) - June 2020 Update

A summary of LifeWorks' Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for COVID-19

As the second quarter of 2020 comes to a close, many regions have started to ease the restrictions in place for businesses. LifeWorks continues to monitor the advice of health authorities, in support of our primary objectives, which are to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of our employees, clients and the general community. We have been successful in ensuring the continuity of our services through digital means, with 94% of our employees working remotely.

With this and the continued risk of community spread, and the probability of a second wave of COVID-19, we are taking a cautious approach to the return to in-person contact and in-office activity.

  • Our office staff will largely continue to work remotely. We will slowly introduce a small number of employees to the office beginning mid-July, for certain regions.
  • We have implemented protocols to safely provide onsite delivery of specific services, where our clients agree. These services include:
    • Critical Incident / Trauma response
    • Safety audits in Quebec Canada
    • Children’s Support Solutions services in schools
    • Certain critical meetings
  • In certain cases, we will also resume in-person delivery of certain services including Children’s Support Solutions and in-person counselling over the next several weeks, and we continue to respond to and keep in line with regional risks and requirements.

In all situations, health and safety protocols will be maintained. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Risk screening protocol for international travel, close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Physical protocols and policy to ensure physical distance between individuals of 2 metres /6 feet
  • Personal protective equipment as added assurance, in addition to physical distancing
  • Limits to the number of people in a defined space
  • Response protocols for situations where we become aware that an employee, service provider, client or visitor has tested positive for COVID-19

We will implement the following protocols in our offices:

  • Posters to reinforce health and safety requirements
  • Protocols regarding scheduling and the flow of foot traffic to reduce contact
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the day and between appointments

Our protocols for in-person counselling are as follows:

  • Telephonic and digital counselling will remain the primary recommendation
  • Appointments will be staggered to allow time to sanitize surfaces between appointments and to minimize contact with others
  • Where the client prefers in-person counselling, the client will be advised to:
    • Follow the in-person contact protocol  to ensure a physical distance of 2 meters/6 feet between them and the counsellor or other party
    • Arrive close to the appointment time to minimize time in the waiting room
    • Wear a mask, if they choose, and request that the counsellor wears a mask
    • Refrain from entering the counselling office and schedule a telephonic or digital appointment if they meet any of the travel, high-risk contact, or symptom related risk criteria
    • Reconsider a telephonic or digital appointment if they are a member of a vulnerable population. Please note that the client will not be asked to reveal the nature of their vulnerability but will be given examples to consider, including age, underlying health condition, the use of certain medications or the advice of a health professional.

LifeWorks is committed to the continuity of all our services, and partnering with our clients to support the health and wellbeing of their people throughout each phase of the pandemic and on an ongoing basis.

Your LifeWorks representative is available to answer questions or provide additional support as required.