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CEO message

Important COVID-19 message from Stephen Liptrap, President and CEO

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented action by governments and businesses around the world and has impacted the daily lives and routines of people across the globe.

The wellbeing of your people is our primary purpose as an organization, and this is the driving force behind everything we are doing in response to the pandemic. We know that people’s mental health and wellbeing is being strained due to the many necessary inconveniences, high anxiety and an increased risk of isolation given social distancing practices. I want you to know that we are and will continue to be here to help.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the risk to emotional and mental wellbeing will undoubtedly increase as we have seen in countries impacted in the first waves.

As part of our pandemic response plan and respecting the need to protect the health of our people and yours, we are reaching out to our individual and organizational Employee Assistance Program clients and are offering telephonic, video and digital means, for counselling, training and other services. We are well prepared for this change as we have been delivering services by telephone, video and digitally, alongside face-to-face service, for several years. Where this is not practical or feasible, we will deliver service practicing social distancing and other risk management practices.

Our absence and disability management services are currently being delivered through telephone, video and digital means. All business meetings including those for our Administrative Solutions and Retirement Solutions businesses have moved to telephone and video calls, and our Call Centres remain unaffected.

As we pay close attention to the World Health Organization, public health authorities, and global pandemic experts, it’s critical that we do our part to minimize and delay the transmission of the virus through social distancing.  I also want you to know that our business continuity plan is strong and is being effectively deployed. We continue to offer service around the world. A short summary of our business continuity plan is on our website.

Throughout this time, we commit to communicating regularly with our clients, and with the community at large, offering information that you can use to support your people, and ways that you can leverage our support.

We value your partnership and understand the value of the work we do for you. Every action we take is to ensure that we continue this work effectively, efficiently and empathetically, when you need us the most.

Warm regards,

Stephen Liptrap
President and Chief Executive Officer