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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Trusted by the government of New Brunswick to help create a unique shared risk plan framework, blending DB and DC models with solid governance and risk management to safeguard outcomes


Broad-based, data-driven consulting and holistic support to target optimal employee savings outcomes through DB, DC, hybrid and other plan combinations that fit your organization’s objectives and foster its resiliency

Supporting organizations in any industry

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We know each industry, workforce and regulatory environment is unique

Our consultants take a top-down, tested and data-driven consultative approach to help any organization deliver maximal value per unit spend to their people – while looking to the future to see how trends like the gig economy will impact employer and employee needs.

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Custom solutions to best support employee financial wellbeing

We use data, plus our technical and market insight to guide you in how best to meet your specific employee needs in the context of your organizational objectives and constraints. We take the broad view and won’t confine your thinking to boxes. 

From... simple RRSP and TFSA plans  
To... interaction with salary and incentives 
To... employee financial resilience and emergency fund accounts 
To... executive arrangements 
To... sponsored long-term DB, DC, hybrid and target benefit pension plan designs 
To... frameworks to optimally integrate and connect the elements 
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We also bring our holistic expertise, tools and training to bear to help ensure effective implementation, employee understanding and appreciation of the resulting solution.

Improving lives. Improving business.