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Employee Assistance & Wellbeing

World-class programs that deliver comprehensive support

LifeWorks: A total wellbeing solution that supports, guides, connects and recognizes employees 

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Workplace mental health is a real problem 

Unfortunately, too many employees are struggling with mental health, the causes of which intersect.  

Globally we see that:


have mental health challenges


have financial stress 


struggle with physical wellbeing


are disengaged at work 

Our digital solutions provide all-encompassing mental, physical and social support – and are available when employees need them most.  

And businesses are being impacted 

The wellbeing of your employees directly impacts the workplace and, ultimately, business performance. Lack of proper support can lead to: 

High turnover

A negative culture and lack of recognition costs companies up to 200% of a departing employee’s salary. 

High absenteeism

Nearly 80% of employees miss work due to mental health concerns, and 34% are gone for at least two months. 

Lost productivity 

Losses linked to absenteeism cost $1,685 per employee. 

Start improving your employees wellbeing today

The solution: not-your-average EFAP 

Expert-driven programs capable of supporting 100% of all employees – so they can stay healthy at work and at home. 

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Our solutions are driven by:  

  • Counsellors trained in diverse areas of mental health and wellbeing 

  • Advisors on legal, financial and other issues 

  • Intersecting wellbeing products, programs and resources curated by experts 

  • A digital experience capable of reaching every employee 


  • Proactive 

  • High participation 

  • Mobile technology 

  • Personalized 

Traditional EAP 

  • Reactive 

  • Underutilized 

  • Fragmented technology 

  • Relevant to select employees 


Ontario Power Generation is one of the largest, most diverse, clean power producers in North America. They have over 10,000 employees, invest millions in local economies and partner with local, environmental and indigenous groups to improve the wellbeing of their site communities.


For Terrapure, employee well-being, health and safety are interconnected and can have a big impact on the workplace.


Health and wellbeing are personal and unique to everyone. As a global leader in wellbeing support, we know there are four key areas that affect our overall health and wellness. These four areas – what we call pillars of wellbeing – are mental, physical, social, and financial. 


Improving lives. Improving business.