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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Designing a program that helps attract, retain, and motivate talented executives – strategically aligned to achieving your organization’s goals 

85% of organizations provide executive incentives; each of our client engagements assesses the effectiveness of pay-for-performance and provides the relevant market insights in designing a competitive strategy 

Industry-leading expertise


Our team of consultants brings decades of local and international executive compensation services to your organization for projects of any size.

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Foundational services 


Organizations reveal that competitive compensation/incentive plans are one of the most critical components in attracting and retaining an effective executive team.

We’ve tripled our board remuneration engagements and in doing so have expanded our network to provide our clients with custom survey opportunities.

Our integrated consulting services key in on the most impactful elements that make an organization attract executive talent and build a strong foundation

Corporate governance 

  • Advise board and compensation committees  

  • Analyze compensation plans and proxy disclosure 

  • Manage unique situations (M&A, IPO, succession, etc.) 

  • Provide education and training  

  • Deploy best practices 

Executive & board compensation benchmarking

  • Develop compensation philosophy and principles 

  • Provide competitive pay benchmarking 

  • Conduct pay-for-performance analysis 

  • Review board compensation plans 

  • Offer total compensation statements 

Executive & board compensation design 

  • Create short- and long-term incentive plans 
  • Develop retirement plans and benefits 

  • Create employment, severance and other agreements 

  • Advise on board of directors pay design 

By partnering with our pensions & savings experts we help organizations design and implement SERP’s and assess other executive level benefits and perquisites.

Improving lives. Improving business.