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Get ready for Mental Health Week in May

Even small changes in mental health have a big impact

Employees feeling blue, acting distracted at work? Changes in employee mental health can be subtle and you may wonder if you should act. But small declines in wellbeing often start to impact performance at work and home.

Coming soon! Give employees a wellbeing boost with our new microsite The Ambiguous Side of Mental Health. Filled with free resources, this microsite is launching in May, a key month for mental health awareness.

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Attend our free webinar

To accompany the new microsite, LifeWorks Learning presents a free webinar, No One Left Behind – Exploring the looming mental health crisis by bridging the care and inclusion gap. On May 5 at 11:00 am ET, our panel of experts will discuss how the barriers to mental health care leave people feeling isolated and left behind. Join us for a brief keynote address followed by a panel discussion, to help ensure your workforce is fully supported.

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More ways to prioritize the mental health of your employees

Take your employee and family assistance program (EFAP) coverage even further with these services and resources:

For a limited time: purchase our Total Wellbeing Index Advanced Analytics and unlock 15% off LifeWorks Learning mental health training.

LifeWorks' Mental Health Index provides monthly insight into the current mental health status of employed adults amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Encourage employees to access online support anytime, anywhere, with your EFAP’s CareNow self-help digital programs.

Offer longer-term support for mental health challenges through AbilitiCBT, internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy.

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