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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Trusted support to meet your fiduciary duties, remain compliant, and proactively manage all areas of risk 

Our legal consultants advise with the unique insight of also acting as plan fiduciaries themselves in the managed windup or restructuring of more than 180 pension plans in Canada 

Empowering informed decisions 

Leverage TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) legal support and gain a new level of confidence in making the right decisions.  

Our lawyers and notaries specialize in the finer points of pension and benefit plans, so you remain compliant, achieve goals, provide security for plan members and avoid surprises for your organization.  

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Comprehensive expertise in all areas 


Arrange solid retirement and benefits plans with your members with our cross-Canada experts ready to help design, roll out and govern new policies. We are there at every step.  

Step 1: Develop

We will help develop and implement: 

  • Pension and benefits plans  

  • Trust agreements  

  • Annuity, longevity insurance, and funding documents 

  • Policies and member communications 

  • Letters of credit 

  • Conversions, mergers, and more 

Step 2: Administer

We will advise on key matters, such as: 

  • Plan amendments 

  • Legislative and regulatory updates 

  • Investments rules 

  • Plan administration requirements 

  • Full and partial windups 

  • Trend analysis and specific issue resolution 

  • Non-pension benefit arrangements 

  • Income tax needs 

Step 3: Govern

And we ensure you stay on course with: 

  • Auditing plan governance 

  • Governance frameworks and reviews  

  • Policies and procedures 

  • Training on key issues 

  • Benchmarking 

  • Integrated risk management and monitoring 

  • Quebec or other bylaws  

  • Delegated support services

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Keeping you safe from risk

We help you prudently and holistically manage risk and ensure you comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, avoid surprises and prevent unexpected legal problems.  

Improving lives. Improving business.