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Investment Services

Unbiased and custom solutions supported by independent experts
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Designing the best approach for you


All angles are considered when tailoring our innovative and defensible strategies to each client’s needs.

We blend asset allocation insights and manager research with personal investment beliefs to ensure the right investment manager is in place when designing each portfolio.

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Experts in the Canadian market 

To build your custom portfolio, LifeWorks draws from a team of coast-to-coast experts who have insight on each aspect being considered.  

Our best-in-class support includes:

  • Measuring fund experience against your objectives 

  • Regular feedback on performance, market, and operational developments 

  • Tracking what matters to you from a wide variety of risk measures 

  • Attribution and portfolio analysis to calculate sources of risk and return 

  • A lens on past and expected future performance 

  • As-needed advice, interviews, and assessments  

Setting you up for success 

Our team takes the care needed to ensure that your investment strategy remains a on sound footing. We will help to: 

  1. Develop and manage investment policy, including around environmental and social matters 
  2. Build an asset mix policy that could be dynamic over time (learn more about “Risk Management & ALM”
  3. Ensure you stay compliant 
  4. Keep future objectives in scope 
  5. Source the right investment managers for all asset classes 
  6. Review governance structure 
  7. Monitor and report on performance with ever-ready consulting support on hand 

Or delegate us as your OCIO and an extension of your investment committee

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We support a range of pension and specialty plans  

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  • Defined benefit 

  • Defined contribution (led by our dedicated expert DC Consulting sub-team)

  • Target benefit 

  • University plans 

  • First Nations trusts 

  • Communities of faith 

  • Endowments and foundations 

  • Shared risk

  • Employee life & health trusts  

  • Accident & disability plans 

  • Group RRSPs & TFSAs 

  • Profit-sharing arrangements

Improving lives. Improving business. 

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