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Mental Health

Erase stigma, effect change in the workplace 

 Our trusted solutions help protect employee mental health and wellbeing – and keep your teams healthy, together, and productive

trillion by 2030

Mental disorders are on the rise in every country in the world and will cost the global economy $16 trillion by 2030. Source

billion a year 

A lack of mental health support in the workplace costs the Canadian economy $50 billion a year 

Change starts in the workplace

Eight in 10 employees will miss work due to mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, stress and burnout disrupt lives and businesses. This must change – for people and the companies they work for.

Mental health consulting

We will help you identify and employ strategies to recognize risk early, build resilient teams and help affected employees recover and build resiliency.

Industry-leading training

LifeWorks built the world’s first manager certification training for workplace mental health. 

Supporting employees anywhere

Our proactive mental health solutions are designed to be accessible to employees from wherever they are. The foundation: a vast clinical network available at the touch of a button.

Customized programs 

We have seen, over time, which programs are most needed and how they best perform. We offer longer-term support that provides specific care that goes beyond EAP. 

Learn more about our Workplace Support Programs

  • Trauma Assist 

  • Workplace Referral Program 

  • Depression Care™ 

  • WorkAssist™ 

  • Substance Abuse Program 

  • Structured Relapse Prevention Program 

Supporting employees anywhere 


Our proactive mental health solutions are  designed to be accessible to employees from wherever they are. The foundation: a vast clinical network available at the touch of a button. 

Not your average employee assistance program. Our LifeWorks platform helps employees manage and prevent challenges so they can stay engaged and as healthy as possible – at work and home. Learn more about LifeWorks.

Combat stress and mental health issues with 24/7 access on short notice to therapists no matter where you live. 

The loss of productivity at work due to mental illness–related absenteeism and presenteeism (working while unwell) adds up to $6.3 billion annually across Canada. 

Learn about Absence & Disability Management

Dealing with the unexpected

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Mental health challenges adopt no schedule and conform to no rules. We can help develop policies for your teams to respond to unexpected crises, and provide each employee with a guided journey to recover, no matter where they are in the current moment. 

Dealing with the unexpected means having the flexibility and options for support in place at all times. 

Learn more about Critical Incident Support

Supporting businesses everywhere 

Comprehensive mental health support for employees boosts productivity and employee engagement. LifeWorks helps you harness data to action plans that truly work. 

  • Measure your return on investment 

  • Return employees faster from short-term disability 

  • Reduce the risks of people moving to long-term disability 

  • Identify the costs of interventions up front 

  • Track behaviour changes and results 

  • Create data-driven plans 

Learn from the best 

See how the right investments in mental health can reap real returns 

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At three years, a mental health strategy returns more than double every $1 invested  Source

Improving lives. Improving business.


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