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Mental Health Index

TELUS Health's (formerly LifeWorks) Mental Health Index shines a spotlight on the current mental health status of employed adults amidst the COVID-19 pandemic across Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Benchmarked against 2017-2019 data, fluctuations in the Index can predict cost and productivity risks while informing the need for mental health investments by business and government.

Inside each report you’ll find:

  • Mental Health Index: measuring change compared to the benchmark for mental health and risk.
  • Spotlight: exploring the specific impact of current issues in the community.

The Mental Health Index is published each month.


February 2023

Following two months of improvements, the mental health of workers in Canada declined sharply and is at the lowest point in more than two years.

  • At 62.9, the mental health of workers fell nearly two points from January 2023
  • 35 per cent of workers in Canada have a high mental health risk, 43 per cent have a moderate mental health risk, and 22 per cent have a low mental health risk
  • All mental health sub-scores have declined from January to February 2023; the financial risk sub-score declined three points from January 2023
  • Mental health scores declined in all provinces apart from Alberta; the most significant decline (4.8 points) is in Manitoba
  • The mental health score of managers is higher than that of non-managers and the national average

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