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Letter to the Editor of the National Post

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Corporate / Canada

Letter to the Editor of the National Post

Re: Your article: “Accusations Morneau breached conflict-of-interest screen raise tension over tax reforms”

Mr. Ivison asserts that Morneau Shepell will benefit from the increased sale of Individual Pension Plans if the federal government’s tax proposals are enacted as currently proposed. This is false. Individual Pension Plans currently represent less than one 25th of one per cent of Morneau Shepell’s revenues. Moreover, while we continue to support clients who purchased these products in years past, we have not actively marketed this product since approximately 2012 and have no plans to do so.

The federal government’s proposed tax reforms are not expected to benefit Morneau Shepell’s business in any way. The financial success of our business depends to a large extent on the financial health of our clients. Morneau Shepell has a substantial and valued client base, including those within the small business sector, and their concerns are very important to us.


Cathren  Ronberg
Director, Corporate Communications