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LifeWorks integrates digital wellbeing platform with Microsoft solutions to expand global reach

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LifeWorks integrates digital wellbeing platform with Microsoft solutions to expand global reach

Today, LifeWorks announced the integration of its leading digital total wellbeing solutions with Microsoft’s digital platforms, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva. As a leading provider in the digital space of wellbeing (mental, physical, financial and social) and with more than 50 years of expertise, LifeWorks will further its digital workflow ecosystem to help companies provide wellbeing support for their employees. Using modern digital technology, LifeWorks services will gain more accessibility and reach through platforms such as Microsoft Teams to help unify productivity in support of professional and personal wellbeing.

As a Microsoft partner, LifeWorks will combine select offerings and efforts to bolster total wellbeing by collaborating towards the following:

  • LifeWorks solutions to be accessible via Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva;
  • Integrating digital wellbeing solutions and productivity platforms to support clients and their people;
  • Joint environmental, social and governance initiatives;
  • Expanded LifeWorks and Microsoft Viva product collaborations;
  • Wellbeing guided by AI within existing client ecosystems; and
  • Partner sales of solutions such as LifeWorks Ariel® and Abiliti®.

“This is an exciting collaboration. We bring digital, global total wellbeing expertise and Microsoft brings a global cloud-based technology ecosystem. As subject-matter experts, the integration of our services will uniquely position us to create evergreen technology for good,” said Kaytek Przybylski, chief data and technology officer, executive vice president, LifeWorks. “We will provide the wellbeing platform and tools, and Microsoft the digital platform, to support clients in offering wider support to empower their people. In-turn, more individuals will be able to focus on total wellbeing to improve life and productivity within the flow of work.”

The need for these services has been highlighted since April 2020 with the launch of LifeWorks monthly Mental Health Index™. Over the past 17 months, the Index has shown workplace productivity and mental-health scores remain lower than the pre-pandemic benchmark, as individuals struggle to find a healthy balance between wellbeing and work. This data has made it clear to LifeWorks and Microsoft that the time to act is now, and through collaboration, the partnership will help people who are struggling to easily find supportive resources.

“The demands of the workplace have changed and the need for accessible and effective digital wellbeing resources has never been more critical,” said Jason Brommet, modern work and security lead, Microsoft Canada. “Microsoft Teams continues to be an asset in the hybrid workplace today, and the integration of LifeWorks directly into Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva will allow shared clients to access wellbeing resources directly in the flow of their work, empowering them to be their best selves and to prioritize their own wellbeing from anywhere.”

About LifeWorks

LifeWorks is a world leader in providing digital and in-person solutions that support the total wellbeing of individuals. We deliver a personalized continuum of care that helps our clients improve the lives of their people and by doing so, improve their business.


Heather MacDonald

Source: LifeWorks