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Morneau Shepell Awarded 'Healthy Enterprise - Elite' Certification

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Morneau Shepell Awarded 'Healthy Enterprise - Elite' Certification

Standard sets precedent for promotion of health in the workplace.

QUEBEC, Jan. 12, 2012 /CNW/ - Morneau Shepell Ltd. has achieved Healthy Enterprise - Elite certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) for its Quebec offices. Morneau Shepell is the first company in its field to obtain certification and one of only eight companies to achieve elite status under the standard officially known as the BNQ Standard 9700-800 Prevention, Promotion and Organizational Practices Contributing to Health in the Workplace.

"We are a leader in employee health and productivity, and as such, are committed to our clients' employee health and well-being," says Julien Ponce, Executive Vice President, Morneau Shepell. "We think that it's important to 'walk the walk' and start with our own employees."

The standard focuses on improving the health of individuals by identifying specific interventions and measures that companies can implement in the workplace to maintain and sustain individual health, and promote a healthier work environment.

Healthy Enterprise - Elite certification calls for the integration of an individual's health and well-being into an organization's management practices. Companies must offer interventions in four areas that significantly impact the health and productivity of their employees: employee habits, work-life balance, work environment, and management practices. Organizations granted elite status exceed expectations laid out by the Healthy Enterprise category, and take a more integrated health and well-being approach to their corporate culture and management practices.

Morneau Shepell's Mission Santé, a program launched by its Quebec employees, is credited with securing this certification, and is responsible for establishing a wide range of interventions and activities to build optimum employee health in the workplace. All levels of the organization participate in Mission Santé.

Ponce explains: "So far, we have received positive feedback and active participation from our employees and managers regarding this new program. Our people now feel empowered to make healthier decisions in their life and are supported by management in their choices."

Integrating this standard into Quebec's business management practices ensures that Quebec's workforce remains healthy, and organizations remain productive and profitable.

Morneau Shepell Ltd.

Morneau Shepell is the largest Canadian-based firm offering industry-leading benefits and pension consulting, outsourcing, as well as health and productivity solutions. The company works with clients to develop innovative end-to-end insights and solutions that integrate with their business strategies to achieve results. Through Benefits and Health Solutions Consulting, Pension Consulting, Health Management, Administration Solutions and Shepell•fgi's Employee Assistance Program, Morneau Shepell helps clients reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and improve their competitive positions by supporting their employees' financial security, health and well-being.

Established in 1966, Morneau Shepell serves over 8,000 clients, ranging from small businesses to some of the largest corporations and associations in North America. With approximately 2,500 employees in offices across North America, we provide services to organizations across Canada, in the United States and around the globe. For more information, visit

Bureau de normalisation du Québec

The Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) is an organization for standardization, certification and distribution of information on standards, and is officially recognized by the Government of Quebec. It is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for developing standards and certification. These internationally renowned accreditations assure that the BNQ's procedures and methods comply with the rules of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the World Trade Organization (WHO). BNQ's standards allow companies to establish performance criteria to define, in particular, the quality, security and ability to use products, processes or services in a context of economic development. It provides solutions for market needs by developing consensual standards with balanced committees and by implementing certification programs (products, services, processes, management systems).

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