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Morneau Shepell Introduces New Online 'Enhancing Your Relationship' Program

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Morneau Shepell Introduces New Online 'Enhancing Your Relationship' Program

Helps users improve their relationships and become more productive at work.

TORONTO, Feb. 6, 2012 /CNW/ - Just in time for Valentine's Day, Morneau Shepell Ltd., under the Shepell•fgi Employee Assistance Program (EAP), has launched the new online Enhancing Your Relationship Program that helps individuals and couples achieve a greater overall understanding of and satisfaction in their intimate relationships. Users are able to access the program anytime, anywhere and can work through relationship exercises and resources at their own pace and convenience.

"One of the top three issues people reach out to us for assistance each year is about their relationships," says Barb Veder, Clinical Director, Morneau Shepell. "We continually receive questions such as 'what defines a healthy relationship?' 'how can I improve my relationship with my partner?,' and 'how do I ensure that my partner and I can really talk to and hear each other?'"

The program educates participants on the key principles of healthy relationships. Users can access resources on their own or work through them with their partner. As they move through the program, they will explore their own responses to the way they currently think about their relationship.

Expert articles and videos serve as a starting point to educate participants on communication, conflict resolution, etc. and encourage behavioural and attitudinal change. Users have the flexibility to choose resources customized to their needs and preferences, including ordering additional expert-chosen reading materials online, and navigating interactive activities, quizzes, exercises and resource guides. Fun features include the ability to send interactive 'Love Coupons' to their special someone.

The program is a result of Morneau Shepell's mandate to increase awareness around mental health in the workplace. Explains Veder, "High work stress has been linked to marital conflict, family stress, and poor performance in both work and family roles. Conversely, we also witness the toll that problematic personal relationships take on workplace productivity and engagement. Everything is connected."

The costs of unhealthy relationships are not trivial. Studies indicate that employers could reduce absenteeism by 6.5% and save $1 billion per year in direct costs if they eliminate high levels of work-to-family interference. Employees with high work-to-family interference are also 6.7 times more likely to say they would leave their jobs to have more time for themselves and their families. Other studies show that divorce can affect employee productivity and effectiveness for three to five years, or longer.

The online Enhancing Your Relationship Program is best suited for individuals who are looking to improve their relationships and are at ease using online solutions. It's also ideal for those who prefer to work through things at their own speed.

"It is clear that there is a direct connection between employees' healthy personal relationships and workplace productivity," says Rita Fridella, Senior Vice-President, Operations and Chief Clinician, Morneau Shepell. "Our online relationship program provides timely support while also catering to our client's demand for online products, perfectly complementing our existing EAP mental health and work/life balance services."

The online Enhancing Your Relationship Program is available to EAP members and their families by calling the Care Access Centre or via Online Access (Canada) at

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