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New rules proposed for Quebec multi-employer pension plans

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New rules proposed for Quebec multi-employer pension plans

This and other subjects included in the current issue of the Morneau Shepell News & Views monthly publication

TORONTO, Feb. 24, 2015 /CNW/ - In the February 2015 issue of its monthly newsletter, News & Views, Morneau Shepell examines the introduction of special measures for the funding of certain multi-employer pension plans in Quebec. It also summarizes its own research study on the impact of workplace mental health on business.

  • Quebec: Funding and restructuring of multi-employer pension plans (MEPPs) – Morneau Shepell analyzes the recently tabled Bill 34 in Quebec. The Bill amends the Supplemental Pension Plans Act to introduce special measures for the funding of certain MEPPs as well as rules that apply to the restructuring of those plans when contributions are found to be insufficient. Bill 34 introduces rules that are similar to the rules that apply in other parts of Canada.
  • The impact of workplace mental health on businessMorneau Shepell goes over the results of its own recently released research on the impact of workplace mental health. The national survey conducted as part of the research found that one in three working Canadians suffer or have suffered from a mental health condition such as depression or an anxiety disorder.
  • Ontario: Merger or conversion of Single Employer Pension Plans into Jointly Sponsored Pension Plans – Last month, the Ontario government released a proposed framework to facilitate the merger or conversion of Single Employer Pension Plans into Jointly Sponsored Pension Plans in the broad public sector. Morneau Shepell breaks down the framework and evaluates the implications of the draft regulations.
  • Quebec: Impact of Bill 28 on prescription drug pricesQuebec's finance minister recently introduced Bill 28 amending various laws, some of which have an impact on prescription drug prices and thus on group insurance policies.  Morneau Shepell explores the impact of changes for stakeholders since the implementation of Bill 28.
  • Market Indices – Monthly summary of returns from various market indices such as the FTSE TMX Bond Indices and Canadian, U.S. and Foreign Equity Indices. Also includes returns from benchmark portfolios used by pension funds.
  • Tracking the funded status of defined benefit pension plans – Impact of past returns on plan assets and the effect of interest rate changes on solvency liabilities.
  • Impact on pension expense under international accounting – Expense impact for a typical defined benefit pension plan.

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