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Notice of disruption to services

People with disabilities may rely on certain facilities, services, or systems to access LifeWorks services. It is possible that from time to time there will be disruptions in service such as an elevator under repair, renovations that limit access to a publicly-accessible area, or technology that is temporarily unavailable.

LifeWorks will endeavour to notify service users of disruptions to locations, technologies or methods where the disruption is likely to affect the ability of a person with disabilities to access services. LifeWorks recognizes that providing advanced notice of these types of disruptions will assist people with disabilities by limiting unnecessary trips or attempts to access services.

If a disruption in service is planned and expected, LifeWorks will endeavour to provide service users with reasonable notice. Where a disruption to service is unexpected, LifeWorks will provide notice of a disruption as soon as possible.

The Notice of Disruption will include the following information:

  • type of disruption
  • reason for disruption
  • anticipated duration of disruption
  • description of alternate facilities or services, if any
  • contact information

In the event of a disruption to LifeWorks services, the Notice of Disruption will be posted here and at and / or at the publicly-accessible entrance to the premises or at the reception area.

It is the responsibility of the department directly affected by or responsible for the facility, technology or method that is disrupted to communicate the disruption in the most effective manner while taking into account the needs of the people directly affected by the disruption.