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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

We guide transactions to leave you confident in one of the most important decision plan fiduciaries have to make for the plan – with all stakeholders on the same page and benefit security enhanced 

A 100% success rate with 


in annuity and longevity insurance placement across 115+ transactions.

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No stone unturned

Collaborating with you to design and deliver risk transfer strategies for defined benefit pension plans.  

Our teams take a detailed approach that is backed by data and expert market knowledge to guide you to the best decision for your organization and plan members.  

Every transaction is treated like an M&A activity, with no stone left unturned in the process. 

Success is marked by confidence in making the right decisions

TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) has the industry’s highest annuity placement rates, at 100 percent.

We are committed to helping you arrive at the best solution, one that: 

  • Ensures a complete transaction if and when it makes sense 

  • Ensures you don’t waste time, cost, and goodwill going to market if there are better alternatives 

  • Delivers the best price from insurers 

  • Informs all stakeholders of implications 

  • Averts any negative outcomes  

Tools combined with our experience 

Our dedicated team has deep experience with international annuity placements and longevity swaps. Equipped with modern tools for risk assessment and projection, they have the expertise that spans:  

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  • All-size transactions 

  • Different circumstances and strategies 

  • Quantitative and qualitative stakeholders' objectives

  • Extensive toolkit for efficient decision-making 

  • Proprietary and flexible bidding processes 

  • In-depth due diligence kit on insurers 

  • Mortality profile assessment tools 

  • Scorecards covering financial objectives including actuarial and accounting issues and benefit security goals 
  • Investment management and positioning expertise 

  • Legal reviews and governance frameworks 

  • Communication expertise for best outcomes 

  • Ongoing monitoring and administration services 

Pension risk transfer case study 

Case study

We structured a large annuity purchase taking into account impacts on HR, legal, funding, accounting, investment and administration.


Improving lives. Improving business.