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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Hundreds of brands – from luxury to everyday essentials – with exclusive discounts for your employees 

Financial wellbeing: feel rewarded 

Improve your employees’ financial wellbeing with savings on everyday purchases and important life events, such as getting married, buying a home or car, family outings and holidays. 

Mobile Screen: Your wellbeing rewards

Attract and keep the best people 


In a competitive job market, it’s not all about the paycheque. According to Glassdoor, around 60% of job seekers say perks are a major incentive when looking for a job and 80% prefer additional benefits over a pay increase. 

  • Featured perks & savings 

  • Electronics 

  • Fashion 

  • Food & drink 

  • Health & fitness 

  • Travel 

  • Entertainment 

Help your employees save money on daily essentials and key life events 

Employees can enjoy thousands of gift cards, in-store and online discounts as well as cashback offers paid directly into their wallet and save up to $1,892 per year. 

  • In-store coupon codes 

  • Online coupon codes 

  • Host your own offers 

  • Movie tickets discounts 

  • Gift card discounts up to 12% 

  • 30-day free pet insurance 

  • Gym & fitness discounts 

  • Discounts for theme parks & attractions 

  • 100% boosted cashback 

  • Restaurant discounts 

  • Request your favourite merchant 

  • Wallet: where your savings accrue 

Man layering coloured translucent shapes to show colour combinations

Promote your wider company benefits


Make your organizational wellness initiatives more visible by promoting all your company benefits in one place. 

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Health and wellbeing are personal and unique to everyone. As a global leader in wellbeing support, we know there are four key areas that affect our overall health and wellness. These four areas – what we call pillars of wellbeing – are mental, physical, social, and financial. 


Improving lives. Improving business.