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Achieving your Goals

Achieving your Goals

January 4, 2021 — by: LifeWorks

Infographic of setting your goals

Identify your goal.

Set a clear goal for yourself that has personal meaning. Think about why it’s meaningful, why you care about it, and why it matters. Write down your goal. Try to stay mindful of your goal as you work to achieve it.

Use “small wins” to reach your goal.

Small wins are a way to chunk a bigger goal down into small, more easily achievable steps. They help you stay motivated. For example, your big goal might be to complete your degree. Your “small win” might be to complete one module this term. You’ll feel happy when you see yourself making progress.

Enlist support.

Share your goal with a trusted friend, relative, or colleague. People’s support and encouragement will help keep you on track, especially during setbacks, which are bound to happen when striving for a goal.

Give yourself time to achieve your goal.

But not too much time. Research shows people tend to be most productive when they feel some degree of urgency about achieving a goal, but not so much that they feel stressed. Set a time frame that’s realistic — and motivating!

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