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Best practices in absence & disability management

Best practices in absence & disability management

August 11, 2016

The complete guide for today's people leaders

For many organizations today absence is a major challenge due to outdated strategies, systems, policies and processes:

  • A high (and steadily rising) source of direct and indirect costs
  • A serious drag on organizational productivity
  • A road block to the success of your people engagement strategies

And since the sources and complexity of the problem are often difficult to detect, most organizations struggle to manage or mitigate workforce absence effectively. 

About this eBook

This guide outlines the various causes and problems associated with workforce absenteeism.

But more importantly it provides useful advice on addressing the problem with proven best practices.

Key topics include:

  • The business case for a strategic approach to absenteeism
  • Absence Management and Disability Management best practices
  • Comparing in-house, co-sourced and out-sourced solutions
  • Real-world case studies

Today’s best-in-class employers understand the importance of employee wellbeing and the integral role absence and disability management within an overall people strategy. They recognize absence as more than an organization problem – it’s also an opportunity to deliver measurable outcomes in terms of culture, employee engagement, and your bottom line.

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