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Canada Pension Plan 2

Canada Pension Plan 2

October 11, 2016

Part 2 – The Future

Part 1 of this report on the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) was released in July 2016. It set out the history of the CPP right up to the enhancement that was announced by the Minister of Finance in June. Part 2 looks to the future.

In this report, we cite preliminary results from a research project that is still in progress (referred to here as MacDonald and Vettese (2016)2. These results are high-level only since they do not explore the underlying reasons for the impact. Understanding the true dynamics of the CPP enhancement within the larger picture of retirement income security for Canadians will eventually require a deeper analysis.

Part 2 also focuses on the actions that employers should be considering within workplace pension plans in the wake of the CPP enhancement.

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