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The Essential Retirement Guide: A Contrarian’s Perspective

The Essential Retirement Guide: A Contrarian’s Perspective

October 28, 2015 — By Fred Vettese

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Fred Vettese is an expert on Canada’s retirement income system and chief actuary of Morneau Shepell. ‘The Essential Retirement Guide’ is Fred’s second book. In 2012, Bill Morneau and Fred co-authored ‘The Real Retirement’, a book that explained why Canada was not suffering a retirement crisis.

About The Essential Retirement Guide: A Contrarian’s Perspective

Retirement planning is difficult enough without having to contend with misinformation. Unfortunately, much of the advice that is dispensed is either unsubstantiated or betrays a strong vested interest. In The Essential Retirement Guide, Frederick Vettese analyses the most fundamental questions of retirement planning and offers some startling insights.

In addition, The Essential Retirement Guide shows how you can estimate your own lifespan and helps you to understand the financial implications of long-term care. Most importantly, it reveals how you can calculate your personal wealth target - the amount of money you will need by the time you retire to live comfortably. The author uses his actuarial expertise to substantiate his findings but does so in a jargon-free way.

Wealth Target Calculator

Everyone who is accumulating retirement savings wants to know how much they are going to need at the point of retirement to retire comfortably and what they need now to be on track.

Calculate your wealth target now.

Where to buy

Order “The Essential Retirement Guide: A Contrarian’s Perspective” at Indigo and Amazon.

The Essential Retirement Guide themes explored in a 10-part series published in The Financial Post

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