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Impact of My SSP in student mental health

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Impact of My SSP in student mental health

March 1, 2020

Mental health disorders are becoming increasingly prevalent among college students. According to the American College Health Association (ACHA; 2018), mental health conditions are now estimated to affect 35% of all female college students and 20% of all male college students.  Surveys from the World Health Organization showed that one in five (20.3%) students met the criteria for a mental health disorder in the past year (Auerbach et al., 2016), with an even higher rate of one in three among freshman (Bruffaerts et al., 2018).  The Center for Collegiate Mental Health (2020) found that 36.7% of students receiving counseling services experienced serious suicidal ideation within their lifetime. Graduate students may face additional stressors and risks for mental health issues (Flynn et al., 2016).