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The legalization of cannabis: impact for the workplace

The legalization of cannabis: impact for the workplace

October 24, 2018

A Morneau Shepell research group report

In The legalization of cannabis: impact for the workplace, Morneau Shepell explores its latest research on recreational cannabis use and implementation, detailing the trends that will change after legalization. Given the need for a more defined direction, the report makes recommendations for a strategic approach that organizations should consider when dealing with use of the substance in the workplace, in a way that ensures employee safety and avoids infringing on individual liberties.

Developing and implementing a cannabis strategy

Effectively managing cannabis use in the workplace goes further than simply introducing a new policy – it requires employers to develop and implement a comprehensive cannabis strategy. The report states that employers should look beyond simply adding cannabis to existing substance policies, such as alcohol and medicinal cannabis, to focusing on communication and training, as well as employee support.


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