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LifeWorks helps mind and body work well with telemedicine

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LifeWorks helps mind and body work well with telemedicine

February 22, 2021 — By Neil King, President – LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell
Women counselling over video call

Health and wellbeing are personal and unique to everyone. As a global leader in wellbeing support, we know there are four key areas that affect our overall health and wellness. These four areas – what we call pillars of wellbeing – are mental, physical, social, and financial. The interconnectedness of these pillars cannot be understated; Mental affects physical, physical affects mental, mental impacts social, financial impacts social, and on it goes.

People are the heart of your organization. Organizations striving to make the most positive impact on their people choose LifeWorks because we offer a unique total wellbeing experience, integrating all four pillars of Wellbeing into one accessible, easy-to-use wellbeing platform.

The need for integrated support, that addresses all pillars of Wellbeing, has never been greater. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a global mental health epidemic that in some way is affecting every one of us. Mental health concerns are the largest and fastest-growing wellbeing issues facing Canadians, especially among isolated populations like people who live alone.

We are also seeing a significant rise in comorbidity cases: the simultaneous presence of two or more medical conditions. These significantly increase health risks. It is the presence of both mental and medical issues giving rise to these high-risk cases. While mental health issues can present as the main problem, medical/physical health problems may be a contributing factor.

Despite the strong potential overlap, these problems are typically addressed by different professionals in isolation. Cohesive or integrated health approach that treats both mind and body are rare. We strongly believe that a unique approach that considers the holistic health of the individual employee is fundamental to improving their total wellbeing.

This is precisely why we are now offering telemedicine as part of the LifeWorks Total Wellbeing solution.

LifeWorks' approach is different. Our assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan is unique to the employee. With millions of employee contacts each year to our employee assistance program, we are the authority in workplace mental health support. Now, we have integrated telemedicine into our Total Wellbeing experience. LifeWorks Telemedicine is available 24/7 and designed for your employee’s urgent care and long-term wellness needs.

We support everything from the most basic presenting issues to the more complex issues that require a broader continuum of care approach. Our telemedicine solution puts care options for a person’s interconnected mental, physical, social and financial concerns all in one place, creating clear pathways to better health outcomes. With telemedicine, your employees can now add accessible virtual medical care to their total wellbeing journey – only with LifeWorks.

Learn more about how LifeWorks Telemedicine can improve your people’s total wellbeing. Visit our telemedicine webpage, or reach your Customer Success Manager today.