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Retirement Income for Life

Retirement Income for Life

January 13, 2022 — By Fred Vettese

Retirement Income for Life: Getting more without saving more


Retirement Income for LifeCanada’s #1 bestselling retirement income book is now completely revised and updated. Fred Vettese demystifies a complex and often frightening subject and provides practical, actionable advice based on five enhancements the reader can make to mitigate risk and secure their financial future.

With over one thousand Canadians turning 65 every day, the cultivation of good decumulation practices — the way in which you draw down assets in retirement, ideally to have a secure income for the rest of your life — has become an urgent matter that no one can afford to ignore.

As COVID-19 rocks the economy in an unprecedented black swan event, retirees and those who are preparing to retire need answers to pressing questions about their financial futures. Originally published in 2018, the second edition of Retirement Income for Life now includes:

  • New chapters on early retirement, retiring single, what to do when one spouse dies young, and more.
  • Three strategies for mitigating your personal financial risk in the current downturn in equities and other investment products.
  • Advice on how to plan for (and even benefit from) a possible bear market, resulting from COVID-19, which could create unprecedented equity buying opportunities.
  • Information on the impact of unbearably low interest rates on annuities and fixed income investments and what to do if you hold them.
  • The reasons retirees should be deferring CPP until age 70 and why the case for this is stronger than ever.

Retirement income calculator

In Retirement Income for Life, Fred Vettese helps readers to maximize the income they can safely draw in retirement. To determine the actual amount requires a sophisticated retirement income calculator. That tool is available here at no charge and no obligation.

The retirement income calculator is recommended for anyone who is relying heavily on retirement savings for their retirement security and who is now 50 or over and ready to contemplate immediate retirement. It is also applicable to anyone who has already retired.

Calculate your retirement income range now

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