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The return to the workplace: the next phase of the pandemic

The return to the workplace: the next phase of the pandemic

September 13, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, organizations were focused on business continuity. The mental health and wellbeing of employees presented significant risks during this time and many organizations addressed them as part of their plans.

At this stage of the pandemic, the issue of concern is business sustainability rather than business continuity. The risks being faced now differ from those during the height of the pandemic. Some organizations will experience some risks more significantly than others, but all organizations should be aware of each.

At this point of the pandemic:

  • One-third of the working population (34%) is considered to be in the high-risk mental health category as of spring 2021, more than double the 13% considered to be high-risk in 2019.
  • The Mental Health Index™ shows a massive decline in the collective mental health of the working population, with little evidence of any meaningful improvement since the initial decline.
  • Several research studies that examined the aftermath of other prolonged epidemics found that the higher levels of mental health issues that emerged during such crises persisted for several years after the risk to physical health had subsided

Organizations can take specific actions to manage the risks to employee health and productivity when returning to the workplace.

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