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Trauma Assist™ Program: Minimizing the cost of trauma

Trauma Assist™ Program: Minimizing the cost of trauma

June 16, 2021

Serious and potentially traumatizing circumstances some employees face at work can put their mental health and ability to work in jeopardy. This comes at a huge cost to their mental health and your organization’s health. Our voluntary and confidential Trauma Assist program uses early intervention and evidence-based treatment to address traumatic incidents and stress. A two-year clinical review of the program showed:

  • 99% of showe significant improvement with post-trauma stress after an incident
  • 84% showed mild or no post-trauma symptoms after completing the program
  • Participants experienced less interruption to their home life greatly reduced work absence.  

Read our latest whitepaper to learn more about how Trauma Assist can help your employees quickly and effectively address traumatic stress, while also helping your organization stay productive by keeping them healthy and safe at work.

Download the whitepaper