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Wellbeing and resilience in senior leaders

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Wellbeing and resilience in senior leaders

July 30, 2022

Leaders frequently experience heightened levels of stress, which has only been magnified by the pandemic.

This needs to be addressed, especially as leaders with seniority, such as those in the C-suite, often feel unable to reach out for help. To assess the full impact of the pandemic on the wellbeing of senior leaders, Deloitte Canada and the TELUS Health Research Group conducted research in the spring of 2021 and released a study on what we discovered.


  • Reduce stigma regarding mental health by demystifying and normalizing dialogue among top executives and other senior leaders.
  • Strengthen peer relationships to create a sense of community, support, and collaboration.
  • Enhance organizational mental health and wellbeing support to ensure appropriate resources and tools are available.
  • Rethink work to enable leaders to work effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing work efforts and stress and freeing up time to rest and disconnect.

Wellbeing is a critical topic and should be an organizational imperative. Leaders with seniority set the tone for their organizations. Ensuring they receive the required support to thrive in their roles, lead their teams, and ultimately create and maintain resilient organizations is the right thing to do—and it makes business sense.