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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Seminars that equip your plan members with the insights they need to approach retirement with confidence and allow you to maximize the perceived value of your retirement and savings plans


Since 2008; delivered to large and small organizations sponsoring both DB and DC plans, helping employees in all career stages - from hire to retire.

Integrated curriculum sets employees up for success

Our seminar series integrates multiple experts and subjects to empower every employee to maximize income potential and savings at retirement.  

Seminars will: 
  • Boost knowledge of your pension and savings plans, as well as government plans and personal savings vehicles 
  • Build comfort making investment decisions 

  • Help ensure financial, physical, and mental wellness in retirement 

Led by subject matter experts 


A diverse group of instructors – from lawyers and actuaries to health professionals and transition counsellors – provide a holistic view of what employees need to know about retirement planning.  

Presenters are: 

  • Unbiased – we don’t sell any specific financial products, and are not associated with anyone who does 

  • Qualified – an expert lens on each topic 

  • Informed – bridging both national and local perspectives 

Woman in wheelchair presenting to three people seated around her

Providing the right tools 


Our bilingual seminars and webinars can be customized with your organization’s pension and savings information.

    • Making the right moves before retirement 

    • Understanding income sources 

    • Budgeting for retirement 

    • Setting and achieving retirement savings goals 

    • Investing wisely  

    • Discerning future benefits and insurance needs 

    • Proactive estate planning 

    • Asset management 

    • Lifestyle transitions post-career  

    • Maintaining health and wellness throughout retirement 


    Participants have said: 

    “Very useful despite the fact that I am far from retiring. We keep hearing Canadians carry too much debt and don't save enough… this encourages more prudent financial management. Thanks!”

    “I've been here eight years, and I now finally understand [our retirement savings program]."

    Improving lives. Improving business.