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Safety Groups

Quebec’s leading provider

Our deep expertise, training, and onsite visits (following all health and safety precautions) will ensure your workplaces remain safe and your CSST premiums stay low 

Our safety groups bring together more than 10,000 Quebec organisations to take advantage of the economies of scale
Over 30% of all organizations belonging to a safety group in Quebec rely on us for their support  

Expertise you can count on

We have a long history of creating and administering safety groups in Quebec, where businesses pool resources to optimize safety, share risk and manage the rehabilitation and return to work process of injured workers. In exchange, they may receive a reduction in their CSST contribution rate based on the success of the group

Man on radio in emergency vehicle
Safe employees

We work with you to help you understand safety best practices and support you with the best-in-class prevention programs customized for your needs.

Engaged employees

When you put health risk prevention first it equals a better experience for all staff.

Reduced rates

With our efforts and yours, watch as CSST rates drop each passing year. 

Improving lives. Improving business. 

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