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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

See how My SSP can make the difference for your students

My SSP connects expert counsellors with students in their native language – anytime, anywhere – to overcome cultural, physical, and mental health challenges 

Global network of


On hand to serve over 160 countries in 150 languages. 

Broaden your reach

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Our SSP program can adapt to any school’s existing framework, enhancing support for students. Designed by clinical and cultural experts, our system can fill the circle of care in every student’s journey. 

We partner in areas across campus, including: 

  • Health and counselling 
  • Athletics 

  • Distance education 

  • International student services 

  • Studying abroad  

  • Graduate programs 

Real impact on student mental health  

Our quantitative studies show how My SSP successfully helps students manage stress and anxiety, resulting in a meaningful impact on mental health, academic success and retention. Download our report on how SSP helps student mental health

My SSP 24/7 crisis phone support 

  • Real-time help  

  • Staff & faculty consultations   

  • Student case data report access  

  • Links to resources for referrals to campus  

  • Referrals to community specialists off campus   

  • Engagement & utilization reports 

My SSP essential 

All 24/7 crisis phone support, plus... 

  • 24/7 chat support 

  • App 

  • On-demand content  

  • Health assessments 

  • Virtual fitness solutions

My SSP total care 

  • Dedicated counsellor  

  • Ongoing virtual or in-person support  

  • Monitored referrals between campus and My SSP counsellors 

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A solution proven to work

No program is effective if it doesn’t reach target users. Driven by personalized options for domestic and international students, My SSP successfully reaches those who need it.


Support cases worldwide… and counting. 

of users

Say they had never sought help before using more traditional methods. 


"During this time of COVID when our counselors had to move into distance counseling, My SSP was critical because some of our students were getting face-to-face therapy and didn’t have a wifi connection but did have cell phone access. The strength of My SSP is that students could get real-time, personal chat support." 

Michael LaFarr, PsyD,University of Denver  


"Your counseling center staff will never truly reflect the student body because it’s so diverse…so that’s what’s particularly nice about this program [My SSP] because it allows students to access support from folks from their particular culture, which I really think is probably one of the biggest barriers to that help-seeking behavior that we try to promote." 

The Jed Foundation  


“My SSP allows us to provide 24/7/365 ‘wraparound’ mental health care for our entire student body.” 

Sarah Lawrence College  

"I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything I had to do at school and was very homesick. Chatting with a counsellor helped me see how strong and brave I am and gave me strength to face the week ahead and finally be able to sleep in peace. Thank you :)"

"Finally, I spoke out about something bothering me that I had been keeping in. The counsellor I spoke to helped me so much and gave me so many tools to help me cope. I felt like we got through so much in our time together and I feel so much better. Thanks so much!"

"WOW! I have been in therapy many times in my life, but I don’t think I have ever seen results as fast as I have with My SSP. The professionals here are extremely good and reassuring, it was simply amazing." 

Improving lives. Improving business.