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Participation in our surveys allows you to benchmark and measure your competitiveness against your target market

Premier leader in conducting Canada’s foremost bilingual survey 

Why you should participate

  1. Pay fairness: effectively manage, mitigate risk and communicate pay 

  2. Defensible data: access to up-to-date reliable data to guide informed decision-making 

  3. Consistent transparency: ability to keep a constant pulse on your comparator market 

  4. Talent management: administer pay that attracts, retains, and rewards key talent 

  5. Total rewards: design a cohesive package aligning all employee elements 

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"Companies spend up to 80 percent of gross revenues on employee salaries and benefits combined"

Custom compensation surveys help identify market trends and uncover strategies needed to attract and retain top talent.

Defensible metrics that enable smart decisions

Secure critical talent, identify equity issues, and make smart investments to inform your pay strategy and reduce the costs of churn. 

Know where you stand

Visualize how senior management team salaries stack up against the competition. 

Over 1,100+ participants, 1,000 unique benchmark jobs, 30+ job families 
Interpret year-over-year results and trends 

The COMPASS® system enables users to “segment” survey data and create custom datasets that they can analyze by industry, location, revenue size, and specific market segments. 

Analyze data in a multitude of ways that best align with your compensation philosophy/strategy. 

Leverage over 25 years of data

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Overview of our data collection

Compensation elements:

Employee profile
Job match quality
Base pay
Short-term incentives
Salary ranges
Long-term incentives
Our surveys contain data covering nearly a quarter of a million incumbents

Data analyzed by:

  • Industry 
  • Geography - by city, province or nationally
  • Employee levels - non-executives to senior management and executives
  • Organization size 
  • Job families
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Employers Benefits & HR Practice questionnaire

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  • Insights on group health/insurance and retirement savings 
  • Compensation policy and pay strategies  
  • Human capital strategies and practices (to attract and retain)
  • Incentive program plan types and design elements
  • Position and location premiums
  • Critical and emerging jobs 

Our surveys contain data covering over half a million incumbents.

Visit our Canadian salary survey’s report page to purchase and reserve copies of our results.

Our annual salary projection survey attracts over 800 companies nationally. We equip participants with key data to guide their budgeting process. 

Visit our survey designated website to learn more about survey participation.

Improving lives. Improving business.