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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Mitigating your risk, maximizing your savings, relieving administrative burden, and empowering your employees 


34% lower workers’ compensation accident costs on average.


ROI greater than 5:1.

Proactive, strategic guidance in all areas of employee health, safety and wellbeing

By their nature, workers’ compensation claims often have complicating factors that require further investigation or represent significant legal, financial, and health and safety implications.

Our team of preventionists, case managers, appeal specialists, paralegals, lawyers, actuaries, and financial experts provide expert guidance to help you achieve the best outcomes. 

  • Timely and expert support around work-related illness and/or injury 
  • Easy online tools and predictive analytics that help manage cases and claims strategically and ensure your workers' safe and timely return to work

  • Risk prevention guidance to prevent incidents and accidents

  • An extensive range of training and consultation for employees, managers, health and safety committees, union leaders, and others to help create a culture of safety 

Balancing employee support and organizational risk 

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We review every claim for cost reduction and recovery potential, ensuring the best support for your people while minimizing your risk exposure.  

Our expert people and predictive systems will:  

  • Represent you during mediation, conciliation, rehabilitation and on tribunals 

  • Identify modified work opportunities to prioritize your worker’s safe return to work duties 

  • Monitor legal and compliance regimes in every provincial jurisdiction to help keep you informed and the requirements met 

  • Anticipate costs, take action to prevent them and help you stay on budget 

  • Develop and implement customized prevention and health and safety programs that fit your organization  

The Abiliti advantage  


The Abiliti suite of services, embedded in a user-friendly platform, leads the industry in functionality, support, real-time incident reporting and program administration. 

  • Employees can easily and transparently submit and track claims 

  • Employers can discover important trends, understand their implications, and adopt our expert-led recommendations

AbilitiAlert - AbilitiConnect - AbilitiManage - AbilitiAbsence

Dedicated CNESST office 


In Quebec, our integrated solutions help:  

Improve productivity

  • Prevent work accidents and occupational illnesses  

  • Manage CNESST claims  

  • Effective organizational health and safety tools and training 

Reduce costs

  • Lower CSST contributions rates

  • Control accident-related expenses  

  • Eliminate and reduce risks  

  • Provide post-trauma support

Improving lives. Improving business.