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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Industry-leading technology and highly skilled case management expertise to help employees navigate the complexities of the health care system and remove barriers for returning to work


Satisfaction rate among employees and HR leaders.  


Up to 40% reduction in administration costs.


23% reduction in absence duration.

Delivering measurable outcomes for program design, administration, employee engagement, operational efficiency and risk management

We make sense of complex cases and medical issues while our workers’ compensation and disability teams help mitigate risk, maximize savings and remove administrative burden from your staff.

Engage our teams to help you:

  • Support your employee’s recovery and return to productivity as soon as possible 

  • Reduce future claims and mitigate risk 

  • Cut administration costs by up to 40% 

  • Proactively track absences and improve program governance

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5:1 ROI on all absence and disability programs.

Supporting employee wellbeing 

When companies take care of their employees, their employees take care of the company. 

Our team of case managers, physicians, nurses, return-to-work coordinators, rehab specialists, and mental health practitioners work in sync to get employees back to being productive at work, sooner. 

Discover how our integrated absence and disability programs, proactive approach to communication, and highly-trained case managers help employees recover – and stay healthy. 

Driven by award-winning software platform 

Our Abiliti™ integrated suite of solutions captures and contains the real-time data employers need to seamlessly track, manage and strategize casual absence, disability leave and workplace incident, injury and claims management.  

Gain a real-time, actionable picture of employee absence.

Automatically track employee absences for an accurate, real-time picture of workforce attendance.  

Seamlessly refer into other benefits and programs such as employee assistance programs, short-term disability, and others.

Take the guesswork and administration out of the incident reporting process.

Complete employee package, incident investigation and provincial documents in one streamlined process.

Immediately provide employees with the right forms and documented next steps.

Follow structured workflows for quality assurance and consistent best practice.

Get proactive with task-driven case management aligned to unique plan design and program needs.

Reduce administration time by up to 40%, so focus can be on case management and the employee experience.

A single portal for all stakeholders involved in absence management.  

Enjoy better resource planning, scheduling, and return to work planning.  

Eliminate information gaps for HR and people leaders with real-time information and data that can be easily exported.

All product names are trademarked.

Delivering real-time tracking and management across all areas of employee absence, leave management, accommodation, disability and workers’ compensation.  

  • Tools built by case managers for case managers 
  • Boost claim efficiency and accuracy 
  • Trends, reporting and insights to evaluate and inform your strategies

Accelerating return-to-work timelines 

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InfluenceCare™ is an innovative TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) program designed to target your most frequent causes of absenteeism. Employees are supported quickly and return to work sooner while organizational costs are minimized. 

With InfluenceCare™ you can: 

  • Proactively screen for mental health and musculoskeletal conditions including common occupational issues 

  • Triage employees for appropriate intervention 

  • Ensure rapid access to expert assessment within days 

  • Uncover and address any implicated work-related barriers 

  • Streamline employee recovery through integrated care

  • Support pharmacogenetic testing to ensure employees get the medications and treatments that work best for their metabolism

Improving lives. Improving business.