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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Abiliti™ absence & disability management software suite ingrains best practices into every area of workforce absence management

Available as a SaaS, a co-sourced service, or as part of our award-winning holistic absence management solution 

Integrated data. Real-time reporting and trends.

Abiliti™ provides a comprehensive perspective on attendance across the organization, combining casual absences, incidents, and long-term leaves.

It also enables proactive case management and early intervention when needed.

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Automated, structured workflows

Based on proven best practices, Abiliti™’s task-driven workflows simplify process, reduce administration time, and decrease the risk of errors, oversights or omissions.   

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Optimized, intuitive user experience

A seamlessly integrated, multi-channel platform optimized for all stakeholders: employees, people leaders, case managers, plan-level sponsors, and medical and HR teams.      

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Detailed case-level views

Integrated, up-to-the-minute information for case managers and people leaders when they need it most. Abiliti™ enables complete file history at a glance.

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Helpful resources

Standard and customized documentation, giving users quick access to current, reliable information. resources include presley reed, ICD 9/10, and Canadian medication and physician databases.

Absence reporting

Many employers today still work with outdated systems providing incomplete, lagging attendance data that make it impossible to get a true, actionable picture of employee absence.

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AbilitiAbsence™ is a powerful reporting tool that gives people leaders instant access to real-time attendance information and lets them choose from a variety of ways employees can provide attendance updates.

Choose any combination of these four ways of letting your employees report an absence:

  • Online portal

  • Live call answer

  • IVR (interactive voice response)

  • Mobile phone (via our MyAbiliti™ app)  

However an absence is reported it’s instantly tracked, equipping employers with an accurate, real-time picture of workforce attendance.

Incident reporting

AbilitiAlert™ is a web-based platform for reporting workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses. It uses an easy-to-follow series of questions to guide people leaders through the critical first steps after an event has occurred.

By taking the guesswork out of the incident reporting process, it reduces the risk of errors and the time you spend on administration:

  • Employees leave the workplace for medical attention with the right forms, clearly documented next steps, and modified job offer (when applicable)
  • People leaders complete employee package, incident investigation and provincial documents all in one streamlined process  
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Case management software

Case Management Software screenshot

AbilitiManage™ is TELUS Health's (formerly LifeWorks) industry-leading case-management software for sick leave, disability, and workplace incident, injury, and illness. Based on the experience of our team of more than 500 case managers, it’s the backbone of our award-winning absence & disability management program.

AbilitiManage™’s structured workflow is designed for quality assurance, reduced administration time and proactive, task-driven case management. 

Improving lives. Improving business.

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