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World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health Day on Oct 10th, Visit Our New Microsite

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Social media and online connections have been a blessing during the pandemic, enabling families and friends to stay in touch. However, social media can have the opposite effect on mental health, leaving many people feeling isolated and alone.

Give employees a wellbeing boost with our new microsite The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health. Filled with free resources on the impact social media has on mental health, this microsite is launching on Oct 10th, an international day for mental health awareness.

Attend our free webinar

To accompany the new microsite, LifeWorks Learning presents a free webinar, Leave no one behind: A total approach to workplace mental health. On Oct 4th at 11:00 am EST. Join Stéphane Grenier, Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) and Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP, Research and Total Wellbeing at LifeWorks to learn how workplace mental health solutions need to evolve to meet the increasing needs of diverse workforces. You’ll also be part of an exclusive preview of LifeWorks Total Mental Health.

watch our free webinar

More ways to prioritize the mental health of your employees

Take your employee and family assistance program (EFAP) coverage even further with these services and resources:

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Measure the overall wellbeing of your workforce with our Total Wellbeing Index Advanced Analytics

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Encourage employees to access online support anytime, anywhere, with your EFAP’s CareNow self-help digital programs.

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LifeWorks' Mental Health Index provides monthly insight into the current mental health status of employed adults.


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Be sure to visit LifeWorks Learning to create a workplace learning plan that suits the needs of your workforce. Connect with us now.