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LifeWorks launches burnout toolkit as demand for workplace mental-health support grows

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LifeWorks launches burnout toolkit as demand for workplace mental-health support grows

Resources available to support the causes of burnout including prolonged stress and anxiety

LifeWorks, a leading provider of digital and in-person total wellbeing solutions, today announced the availability of its burnout toolkit for all LifeWorks users as part of its observance of Mental Illness Awareness Week in Canada and in advance of World Mental Health Day on October 10.

The consequences of burnout in life and work can be detrimental to personal and professional success. The burnout toolkit, which can be found on the LifeWorks total wellbeing platform and mobile app, aims to support in combating these effects through offering tailored resources, such as:

  • Self-guided supports examining the influences of burnout, how to identify burnout, when and how to seek support, tips for recovery, and more;
  • For people leaders, modules on how to recognize the signs of burnout in employees;
  • The ability to use the toolkit in-conjunction with others, such as the COVID-19 (coronavirus) toolkit and the new normal in the pandemic toolkit; and
  • The use of toolkits to complement counselling offered through LifeWorks employee and family assistance programs (EFAP).

Burnout has become increasingly common due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. As employees struggle to find a healthy balance between life and work, feelings of exhaustion, difficulty taking time away from the computer screen, and excessive and prolonged mental, physical, and emotional stress are negatively impacting mental health. This has led to more individuals reporting difficulty focusing on their work, as seen in LifeWorks Mental Health Index™, which in-turn impacts organizations in the form of decreased morale, job dissatisfaction, professional mistakes, absenteeism and increased employee turnover.

Comments from chief enterprise clinician, Barbara Veder:
“There’s no doubt that burnout is one of the most significant, immediate mental health challenges facing every employee around the world today. Whether they work in frontline roles, remotely, or face prolonged furlough, people are experiencing significantly more stress and anxiety leading to strain in their professional and personal lives. As the need for supports that combat burnout grows, it is critical that employees are able to access readily available resources when they need it.”

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Heather MacDonald

Source: LifeWorks